Thursday, February 11, 2016 The CSAC Bulletin
Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources
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State Water Board to Consider Tribal Beneficial Use Definitions

On Tuesday, February 16, the State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) will consider a resolution directing staff to develop beneficial use definitions pertaining to tribal traditional and cultural, tribal subsistence fishing, and subsistence fishing as part of a statewide water quality control planning process.

According to the Water Board’s staff report, if these beneficial use definitions are developed and adopted into a statewide plan, the Regional Water Boards would need to consider whether the beneficial uses are applicable to specific waters within their respective region, and if so, would amend their water quality control plans (basin plans) as applicable. The staff report and draft resolution are available at: Water_Board_Info. CSAC staff would welcome county comments on this proposal.

State Water Board Adopts 2016 Emergency Conservation Regulation

The State Water Board adopted an emergency conservation regulation February 3 that extends mandatory urban conservation through October 2016. The regulation would allow urban water suppliers to apply for an adjustment of no more than 8% to their individual state-imposed conservation target. The updated regulation provides for climate and growth adjustments. The climate adjustment, where applicable, could reduce a supplier’s target by up to 4% for suppliers located in warmer regions of the state. The growth adjustment would provide a mechanism to account for water-efficient growth since 2013. To qualify for the adjustment, suppliers would have to provide specific data to the State Water Board by March 15.

Details are available at: Water_Conservation_Portal.