Friday, January 15, 2016 The CSAC Bulletin
CSAC Policy Unit Updates Its Name

The CSAC “Government Finance and Operations Policy Committee” is now the “Government Finance and Administration Policy Committee” to better convey the breadth of diverse policy areas under the scope of the committee. This will better direct our members to the right resources, including on our website, and additionally aid county supervisors and county staff to identify the best contact for a particular subject matter. This does not change the scope of either the policy committee or the policy units or CSAC staff assignments.

The Executive Committee voted to make the change since over the years, the Government Finance and Operations Policy Committee had grown to accommodate many policy areas that fall outside of the established titles that were created for both the Committee and the sub-units under its purview.

In addition, policy units falling under the policy committee have also been retitled. “Revenue and Taxation” is now “Finance and Operations” and “Employee Relations” is now “Employee Relations and Administrative Services.” Your CSAC Government Finance and Administration staff is as follows:

  • Faith Conley, Legislative Representative, Employee Relations and Administrative Services
  • Dorothy Holzem, Legislative Representative, Finance and Operations
  • Betsy Hammer, Legislative Analyst, Government Finance and Administration
Our CSAC website will be updated soon with this new information. In the mean time, for specific information on the breadth of issues covered by Employee Relations and Administrative Services, please click here. For Finance and Operations, please click here.