Friday, February 5, 2016 The CSAC Bulletin
MCO Fix Update – The Roller Coaster Ride Continues
The Brown Administration is continuing negotiations with health plans on a Managed Care Organization(MCO) fix this week, with everyone hopeful for a deal and possible vote in the Legislature on Thursday of next week (February 11). However, we have written that same exact sentence more than four different times in the last six months. So, a large disclaimer about “at the time of this writing….”

Once the deal is done, the Administration and stakeholders, including CSAC, will work with legislators to secure a two-thirds vote in the Special Session on Health Care. CSAC has actively supported the Governor’s efforts to fix the MCO issue, and has asked counties to weigh in with their local delegations on the importance of an MCO fix. View our “Call to Action.”

For more information and background on the MCO fix, visit CSAC’s Health Special Session webpage.