Friday, October 11, 2013 The CSAC Bulletin
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The deadline for Governor Brown to sign or veto legislation is this Sunday and we do expect to see some action over the weekend. CSAC is dedicated to giving you as much information as possible about the legislation that matters the most to you and California’s 58 Counties. This edition of the Bulletin contains the latest breaking news from the Governor’s desk as of about noon on Friday, November 11. But there will be more to report to you so we plan to add an updated story to this edition on Tuesday, October 15 that will have more information about which bills the Governor signs or vetoes. Then on Friday October 18, the next edition of the Bulletin will contain more analysis of what the various actions mean and how they affect counties. There are a lot of places you can get information. The CSAC staff strives to put the information in perspective so you know what it means and how it affects you and your constituents.