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With Halloween behind us, the holidays loom large in the windshield of life’s daily vehicle. There is one significant event to come first however, the CSAC Annual Meeting—another event that, much like a holiday, helps us mark the passing seasons. But have no doubts, the Annual Meeting, in San Jose, Santa Clara County this year, is no holiday. CSAC Staff has put together a full schedule of workshops, speakers, policy committee meetings and CSAC business. You can learn about water policy, public safety realignment and health care issues. You can hear from dynamic and informative speakers and you can help guide CSAC policy and priorities for the coming year. If you’ve been to a CSAC Annual Meeting before, you know it’s worth every dime, and every minute. If you haven’t been before, you owe it to yourself and your constituents to find out what we’re talking about. And yes, there will be some time to network, socialize and have some fun too. But you’ll earn it during the day! Join us in San Jose, Santa Clara County November 19-22. You will be glad you did! Registration and more information here!